Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do you only accept events for people 40 and over?

A) If you're only 39, we'll still do your event. But seriously, we'll accept virtually any adult event. We've merely set the 40+ demographic as our target because we best relate to it.


Q) Are there any bookings that you won't accept?

A) Yes, first and foremost, we do reserve the right to refuse service.  Having said that, we'll generally only decline a booking when: a) we don't feel that it's a good fit.  For example, if there's a significant cultural/musical gap with which we are unfamiliar;  b) we believe our personal safety may be at risk. For example, an event in a high crime area; or c) the event is sponsored by or affiliated with any type of extremist group, radical political organization, or controversial public figure.  For example, if O.J. Simpson were running for office, and was sponsored by the International Society of Fascist Homicidal Maniacs. (You get the idea.)


Q) Do you handle same-sex weddings?

A) Yes, it's the 21st Century.


Q) Why don't you do kid events?

A) A few kids attending a wedding or party  with their parents is fine, and is to be expected; however, a room full of kids will drive us crazy.


Q) What kind of music do you play?

A) We play the hits everybody knows! However, the bottom line is that we play whatever our clients hire us to play.


Q) Do you only play '80s and '90s songs?

A) No, we just specialize in those decades. We actually play a little bit of everything within client-established music parameters (and by crowd reaction). The parameters and other pertinent details are determined once the client completes our event planning questionnaire.


Q) Do you take requests?

A) Yes, as long as they’re within the aforementioned parameters.


Q) How large is your service area?

A) Our service area encompasses a 50-mile radius from the Capitol Building, which is the center of Washington, DC.


Q) What’s included in your base rate?

A) Aside from the actual performance, it includes a lot of behind-the-scenes details that most people seldom see. For instance, music prep, equipment setup and break down, client meeting(s), and site inspection.


Q) How do we book your services?

A) All bookings are handled on a first come, first served basis. To secure a date, we require a $250 reservation fee and our signed contract.


Q) Is the $250 reservation fee refundable?

A) Sorry, it is not refundable. 


Q) If our event is still going strong, can we book additional time?

A) As long as we (and the venue) don’t have a previously scheduled event that would conflict, yes.


Q) Who will be our DJ?

A) For right now, it’s only the two of us. Contingent upon availability, if you want Frank, you’ll get Frank;  if you want Jeff, you’ll get Jeff. Occasionally we’ll even tag-team an event. And yes, in the highly unlikely scenario that both of us become incapacitated, we have comparable substitutes to cover in our absence.


Q) What will the DJ wear?

A) We'll be appropriately attired in accordance with the event's established dress code.  For example, if the event is business casual, then  we'll wear slacks and a nice shirt; if it's a formal, then we'll wear a tux; and if it's a pool party , then we'll sport the Jams & flip flops.


Q) Do you hang banners at events?

A) We don't hang banners at private events, such as weddings or dances.  The only times you'll see our banners displayed are at public events, such as block parties, festivals and trade shows. 

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