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M Street Entertainment is an upscale professional disc jockey company that was launched in the summer of 2016 by veteran master DJs Frank "Da Tank" Wilt and Jeff "El Jefé" Harrison.  We successfully operated our own DJ services throughout the 1980s and 1990s, and after becoming bored with semi-retirement, we decided to get back in the game.


Our name pays homage to Northwest DC's M Street corridor bars and clubs in which we worked for years.  They included party hot spots such as Abbey Road, the Dome (aka the Cellar), the Georgetown Library, Mister Day's Sports Rock Cafe, Samantha's, and Rumors. Those establishments faded away only to be replaced by new ones. As the new bars and clubs came online, so did new crowds to frequent them.  And it became apparent that as we were getting older, the crowds weren't getting older with us.  Instead, the crowds were getting younger, and we accepted the obvious---that it was time to gracefully exit the stage.  


While we may have outgrown the hot spot scene, we haven't outgrown playing to the crowd and packing the dance floor. Music's in our blood, after all! And that's why we now cater to events for the 40+ crowd—because we best relate to this age group. In short, the songs of their youth are also the songs of our youth!


Make no mistake, we're music experts! Our knowledge spans many decades and genres. We're equally as comfortable playing Sinatra as we are Carrie Underwood and Bruno Mars. It's just that we've chosen to specialize in playing the hits of our era—the '80s & '90s.

Frank "Da Tank" Wilt

I began my DJ career playing in an air guitar contest at a local high school in January 1982 with my good friend Kirk McKewen (98 Rock & DC 101). The two of us realized that we were on to something, so we founded a DJ company, and for the next couple of years we played the high school dance circuit.  


In 1984 Kirk was hired by 98 Rock in Baltimore, and could no longer work weekends. Also that year, my big break came when I was hired to be the DJ at Abbey Road—a legendary DC party bar on L Street. I remained there until its closing in 1988.


Also in 1988, I teamed up with DeeJay Jon Paul to form MegaWatt Inc., and in 1990, we actively pursued  Jeff to become part of the management team. Over the next few years, business grew, and we had to hire more DJs to help cover the different bars in downtown DC. 

Jeff "El Jefé" Harrison

I got my start making mix tapes for parties during the college years. I also organized and promoted some of them.  This led to a job working for Nard's Rock & Roll Review, a major area professional disc jockey service, whereby I would eventually be tapped as the go-to guy for training many of the new DJs. 


In 1990, Frank recruited me to work in management with his company, MegaWatt Inc. There I served as the marketing arm, responsible for developing the private events side of the business.


Throughout my career I've done a number of interesting events, including a party for Motown  legend Smokey Robinson, the wrap parties for the movies Guarding Tess and The Pelican Brief (both were filmed in and around Baltimore/DC), and an Inaugural event for President Bill Clinton. (For the record, we're nonpartisan.)

MegaWatt evolved into one of metropolitan DC's largest providers of DJ services to bars and nightclubs. By 2000, it had more than 35 DJs on staff working at more than 20 locations throughout the area. Frank sold his interest in the company to pursue a new business opportunity.  And due to a family emergency, Jeff left to run his in-laws' business. After a number of years, both of us realized that we missed the excitement, but not the headaches that came with managing a large staff and numerous accounts.  So here we are today...two older guys with an arsenal of music waiting to unleash upon the masses. 

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